The Good News Foundation Grants

The mission of The Good News is to share the love of Jesus Christ through hospitality, spiritual renewal and the support of parish and family life.

The Good News strives to meet its mission through various programs and events offered by and through The Good News Center. The Good News staff and Board of Directors also strive to support the local community and the Roman Catholic Church of the Eastern Vicariate of the Diocese of Syracuse as they work to achieve their own missions and strive to meet the critical needs of our community and of the Roman Catholic Church. This support is offered in the form of monetary grants.

You can apply for a grant if you are federally recognized as having 501(c)(3) or similar charitable status and are located in Central New York.

Your first step as an applicant is to submit a Letter of Intent.  The letter must include non-profit status, total funds desired, the purpose of your grant request and how it meets the goals of our mission.  If we find that your request meets our requirements we will send to you a Grant Application Form to be completed and returned by the specified due date noted with your grant application.  Please also include how you would prefer to receive your Grant Application Form should you be chosen for further consideration, either through e-mail or mail.

You may submit a Letter of Intent by e-mail to with a subject line “Grant Proposal” or mail your letter to:

The Good News Center
10475 Cosby Manor Road
Utica, NY 13502

Examples of grant request purposes The Good News Foundation seeks to invest in: (This list is not all inclusive)

  1. Programs – to support and enhance religious, social, spiritual and family development.
  2. Training – to support and enhance religious, social, spiritual and family development.
  3. Support for non-profit organizations with similar mission interests.
  4. Technology – with focus on religious and educational enhancement.
  5. Communication and advertising – to augment awareness of religious organizational needs and support.
  6. Outreach Ministry – to recruit, encourage, and support individuals and organizations with religious needs.
  7.  Purchase of materials/supplies – to support the distribution of religious information.
  8. Transportation – for religious oriented activities.
  9. To support groups of individuals and organizations that need support in such areas as: issues pertaining to the wellness of families, promoting the culture of life, individual services of need, prison ministry, spiritual renewal, etc.
  10. Youth Ministry – specific support for at risk youth, encouraging religious ideology.
  11. Support for organizations – specifically for seed funds for strategic planning, financial planning, organizational strategies, etc. incorporation with religious need and support.
  12. Counseling – to support religious, spirituality, bereavement, family, etc. integrating with spiritual needs.

Note: Priority is given to first time applicants.

For more information please call the Center at (315)735-6210 or email PAm at

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