Topics covered

What is Grief?
The Journey of Grief
Am I Crazy or am I Grieving?
The Effects of Grief
Things that Complicate Grief
Stuck in Grief
Holidays & other Special Occasions
And more…

Grief Survivors meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30PM at the Good News Center.

Check our Program Registration page for upcoming dates held at The Good News Center

Other meetings Offered:

This program is sponsored by The Good News Foundation at no cost to you


If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before. It may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now. Grief Survivors support groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.

Grief Survivors is designed to be a caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences.  You’ll gain access to valuable resources to help you recover from your loss and move forward.

Grief Survivors is designed for those who have lost a spouse, child or loved one.

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