Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Good News Center?

The Center is a resource that strengthens our community by offering:
Programs, events, retreats, peer ministries and support groups for married men and women to guide them through their relationships. These services have allowed us to touch the lives of many people and help them and their families to heal and grow.

Peer mentored support groups for those who are separated or divorced, and those grieving the loss of a loved one

Programs and events that inspire spiritual renewal.

An all-inclusive venue for day or over-night retreats and conferences

What is The Good News Foundation?

The Good News Foundation is a Christian-based non-profit organization whose mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ through hospitality, spiritual renewal and the support of parish and family life. The Foundation makes the marriage and family programs and peer support groups possible. The Foundation also offers grants and scholarships to other non-profits whose missions align with ours.

Do you offer counseling?

No, we do not offer counseling. We do give referrals upon request if someone is in need of professional counseling. What we do offer is marriage and relationship education programs and workshops.

Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists/Counselors are licensed to practice professional counseling. Most sessions are one-on-one meetings with the professional and an individual or couple to work on particular issues or relationship problems. With counseling, it is assumed that the couple already has a problem(s) that needs to be addressed.

Marriage and Relationship Education, like what we offer at The Good News, is focused on skill-building and self-change. Couples incorporate skills and principles taught in each session into their daily lives. Our programs are peer mentored and group-based; this adds to the success. Participants may use our programs as crisis intervention or marriage enrichment.

How much does it cost to attend a program?

We do offer programs, such as The Third Option, Grief Survivors, Separated & Divorced and PAL Parents of Addicted Loved Ones at no cost. Other programs are offered at a discounted rate and sponsored partially by The Good News Foundation. Scholarships are available for those with financial hardship.

I am divorced. Can I still attend Retrouvaille with my ex-husband/ex-wife?
Retrouvaille is open to married, separated and divorced couples who want to reconcile and rebuild a loving relationship. As long as both spouses agree to attend, couples are welcome.

I want to attend The Third Option, but my spouse does not. Can I attend myself?

Yes. Couples and individuals can benefit from The Third Option.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend an event or program?

Anyone is welcome to attend events and programs at The Good News Center, regardless of religious background. While originally founded in the Catholic faith, we are an ecumenical organization and work with all denominations. We take seriously our mission to share the love of Jesus Christ with all and we respect others beliefs as they respect ours.

Is The Good News Center a church?

No, The Good News Center is not a church. We are a faith-based organization that offers programs which do reference Christian beliefs.

What amenities are offered in each guest room?

In the Main Building, our guest rooms each have a private bath with a shower, bath mat, mirror, cup dispenser, towels and soap. Twelve rooms feature one full bed and one twin bed, while two rooms have three twin beds. Each room is equipped with sheets, blankets, bed spreads, pillows, an alarm clock, fan and a Bible.

The Annex Building has seven guest rooms, each equipped with two twin beds, a sink and mirror, sheets, blankets, bed spreads, pillows, an alarm clock and a Bible. While rooms do not have private baths, there are two shared bathrooms with showers. The Annex Building also features a lounge/common area equipped comfortable seating and a sink, mini-fridge, microwave and dining table.

What about TV's, phones and internet?


You will not find televisions or telephones in our guest rooms. The Good News Center maintains a retreat atmosphere, free from the noise and distractions of daily life. Our guests often comment that the lack of a television offers them a wonderful opportunity to share with others or privately reflect.

Internet Access:

Wireless Internet access is available in our meeting/conference rooms and may be used at the retreat coordinator’s discretion.

Mobile Phones:

While The Good News Center does not forbid the use of cell phones, it is up to individual retreat coordinators whether cell phones are allowed.

Retreats: What do I need to bring with me?

Every retreat is different and participants may be contacted by their retreat coordinator with further information.

How do I plan meals?
The Good News Center utilizes a caterer and we offer a menu with a variety of choices. If you require something not found on the menu, the caterer can usually work with you on the request. The Good News Center does not stock items for gluten, diabetic, vegan or strict dietary needs. To protect individuals with diet restrictions we require them to provide their own food and take full responsibility for their meals. Should you choose to bring your own meals if you’re on a special diet, we do provide refrigeration and microwave use. Thank you.

Can I plan a Conference/Retreat at the Good News Center?

Yes, If you would like to book a conference or a retreat please contact our office's Retreat Coordinator - click here or call (315) 735-6210.

Can I tour The Good News Center?

We welcome you to tour The Good News Center. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. We suggest you call (315) 735-6210 if you plan on visiting to set up a guided tour.

The grounds of The Good News Center are open to the public and we invite you to visit our beautiful Trail of Peace which includes the Stations of the Cross, Rosary Walk and Our Lady of the Pines.

How many people can The Good News accommodate?

We have accommodations for group numbering 6 to 90 people for day events and for over-night retreats we can accommodate 44 people comfortably on the basis of 2 per room.

Is there Free Parking?

Yes, Free parking is available on-site.