Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vi with a long i) is a French word meaning “rediscovery”

Do you remember when your spouse made you smile like no one else could? When just thinking about that person made your whole day a little brighter? Marriage is supposed to be a wonderful, fulfilling experience. There are high hopes for a happy life together. But let’s face it, often times these hopes are lost amid the problems that life brings. Spouses drift apart, conflict ensues, tempers flare and communication breaks down while intimacy fades away. It may be difficult to believe, but these problems can turn into opportunities to strengthen the bond between you. Retrouvaille offers the chance to heal and rediscover yourself, your spouse and a loving relationship.

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, couples dedicate time to learn and practice communicating with each other in positive, effective ways. While other couples will go through the program with you, there is no group discussion. Husbands and wives attending will not be asked to share personal stories. Six follow-up Post Weekend Workshops are continual help to support couples as they learn to resolve conflicts together.

Retrouvaille Weekend is for those in hurting marriages, those who are separated or divorced who would like to reconcile, and those looking for enrichment.

This experience of rediscovery is often help for husbands and wives who are:

Anxious about their marriage and relationship
Alone or distant from their spouse
Disillusioned or bored in their marriage
Frustrated, hurt or angry with their spouse

For additional information or to register visit:
For confidential inquiries, contact your local Retrouvaille community at 1(800)470-2230

Check for upcoming dates in Utica.

  • $200 non-refundable registration fee per couple
  • Scholarships are available for those with financial hardship
  • Opportunity for a donation for those who are able