Divorce Support

Divorce Support Anonymous

When a Marriage Falls Apart….
Finish the sentence. Typically there is no positive response. For many years The Good News Center has run a support program for those going through a divorce or separation. The program has helped many individuals and continues to do so. This program is free and is offered every other Sunday evening. Participants may join the group at any time. The program is our Separated and Divorced Support Group.
Many of those who have gone through this program have asked, “Is there something else I can do?
The Good News Center will be offering an additional program for individuals going through divorce or separation. The program Divorce Support Anonymous has a beginning and an end lasting ten weeks and individuals must join within the first few weeks. Join others going through divorce who understand what you are experiencing. Don’t go through divorce alone. A guided facilitator will take you through the emotions, decisions, acceptance and moving forward in divorce.
The most significant difference in this program is that once the participants have completed the course, they can opt to continue with the next phase where they create a plan on how to make a new beginning. This is an additional six weeks.
There is a fee of $30 to cover the cost of the materials. If you are interested in participating please call us at 315-735-6210.

For those who prefer the program is also being offered via Zoom. We ask you to register for both in-person or virtual meetings.


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