Theology Uncorked

Theology Uncorked

FREE! Talk, Food & Wine*

Reconnect with your Faith or Connect for the first time...

                    Theology Uncorked is a gathering of conversation for the believers, the curious and the skeptics.                                                                                           *(First glass of wine is on the house!)                                                                          

Third Thursday of the month 6:30-8 PM

Theology Uncorked welcomes back Anne Costa with talk topic of “Learn of Me”

on Thursday, July 15 - 6:30 PM at Hart’s Hill Inn - Whitesboro, NY

We cannot, in our lifetimes, fathom the depth of His Divine Heart, yet Jesus entreats us to LEARN OF HIM.

His Love is so needed by our desperate world.

How will we respond to the cry of His Heart... to be known, loved and honored? How will we love Him in return?

 Anne Costa travels from Syracuse, NY; she is a wife, mother and best-selling author.  Ms. Costa is a soul-stirring speaker who combines her wealth of personal experience and professional knowledge as a social worker with the firm foundation of the Catholic faith to tackle some of life’s toughest issues.  Anne's writing and speaking ministries bring hope, practical help and spiritual healing and address such topics as addiction, suicide,  abuse, relationships, boundaries, physical, spiritual and mental health.  Anne's joy is infectious as she shares with others the love of Jesus, His Blessed Mother and the entire community of saints!
Registration is required.  Please call The Good News Center at 315-735-6210 to reserve your spot today!             Thank you and hope to see you there!
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